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Infinite Nikki’s

The multiverse theory itself refers to the hypothetical possibility that an infinite or finite set of universes exist. Based on this theory, the possibility of us having multiple universes in parallel to our own. Space is infinite. This empty vacuum of bleak nothing, an improbable wonder that has intrigued people for years to come. Since space is such an unexplored place, anything could happen with reasoning beyond our comprehension. This and the rules of probability and the fact we only really know a fraction of how it works, means it’s possible alternate realities are real. While reality is subjective based upon your school of thinking, in this case it’s regarded as the tangibility of our conscious as we know it currently


In another universe, somewhere in that vast nothing-ness, a universe identical to ours exists just everything is slightly shifted to the left. This refers to the daughter universes theory. A world where Hitler won and we’re under Nazi rule. Any decision ever made could hypothetically create a new universe and then creating others, setting off this domino chain of infinite nature. Even if out there a universe just like ours but better exists, we have no way of getting to them. We can’t just hop onto the enterprise and have Scotty beam us to Nirvana. This universe has “given us all she’s got” and our limit remains at 14 billion light years. That is our cosmic speed limit on the infinite highway. Though the universe is ever expanding, we will always have some sort of limit.

There are other theories that put up the claim that we live in a series of multiverse, but they take different physical forms. There are bubble universes that propose that they exist in smaller bubble universes. Through the theory of “eternal inflation” which proposes that the universe is rapidly expanding and inflating just like a balloon. Through this, our central universe is constantly inflating but some pockets stop and allow stars and galaxies to form. Think of this like a big balloon with smaller balloons within it holding different fluids inside it.

Braneworlds refer to the idea that parallel universes are just out of reach above our own. It is proposed that aside from our notion of 3D space and one spectrum of time, the universes float above that with more dimensions than we can conceive. The further theory suggests that the brane universes sometimes slam into each other causing repeated big bangs that reset the separate universes.

To think of an existence where we are not the only possibilities is really a phenomenal idea. Where there are people who can live similar lives but just slightly different. To think I exist in a place where my life’s biggest moments could have never happened. Humans so often think of themselves as secular and as a single point of interest, but there is so much more to this existence. There is so much that our human minds cannot comprehend and we just have to look for the further purposes that the universe gives to us.



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