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Philosophy is Like Music (Final)

Walking into Philosophy class at the start of the year, I didn’t have much of an idea on what the class would entail. to me it was just one big topic I didn’t know much about.   Our first assignment given, was to construct what we thought “Philosophy” was to us; to me, it was like music. I described it as, the main act being like the philosophers, playing their instruments -which I compared to philosophers projecting their own theories, and we students, are the fans there to listen and decipher each theory in our own personal way.

Today, I think my proposition still remains the same but my justification and beliefs have changed. To summarize the evolution of my beliefs, you can see the attachment of my slideshow or you can continue reading.

As we reach the end of the semester, I’ve realized that there’s a lot more to this subject than I originally believed.  It’s a lot more than just, “a band playing a song for people to hear”; It’s the collective and individual justification of each audience member, behind why our “favourite song” is classified as our favourite song.  It’s not going to have the same exact sentimental value to someone else as it does you.  Kind of how certain topics that we learned, whether it’d be Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Aesthetics,  left different impressions on most of us.

I believe music brings us comfort.  People find a sense of comfort and security in information, knowledge and definitive answers,  studying Aesthetics really influenced this belief.  What I was looking and aiming to achieve in this class was to gain an understanding and greater perspective through my own personal experience in this class.  Concepts such as understanding if i do really govern myself, am i, a product of myself or environment, do i control my “destiny”, my path in life, or do external forces determine it.   Like music, philosophical opinions can be personal; as discussed in class, many of us have grown attached to our own beliefs and opinions.  I compare it to, “hearing your favourite song and have someone telling you, it sucks”, you’d probably disagree, and argue with reasons to why.

So if we’re talking about what we’ve  learned over the course of five months in Philosophy class, I can say I’ve discovered over our surprisingly quick semester, is finding my place of expression.  Learning that despite my lack of participation in the class, I’ve developed the ability to create my own opinions and question everything. As well as understanding nothing is one sided,  everyone has their own opinion and it’s okay to disagree – no one is always right or wrong.  All my thanks go to Philosophy, Mr. Jackson and my classmates, for giving me these opportunities and for allowing me to expand my philosophical knowledge.


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