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(I’m just copy pasting my script)

My presentation at the beginning of the year was also, “philosophy is like the sun” so I decided to stick with that because… I like the sun.

The sun is big and you want to fight it. Right? I know I did, like, in some of the debates we had most of you just wanted to get up and start swingin. And Mr Jackson was in the corner like…”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…”
Like the things we talked about, we could have gone on for hours and more and more questions would just keep popping up. It’s a lot of “what ifs?” And, “if this
happens then how do you explain-”
One thing i learned from this course is that there are so many sub categories of philosophy. I actually had just thought it was “philosophy” and we would ask questions. But this course taught me that psoolairehilosophy is an umbrella term and there are smaller wider categories underneath it.

So yeah, philosophy is big. Just like the sun.

Sunlight symbolizes the conversations we had. By having conversations you become more immersed in that topic and you absorb more information. Without sunlight, without the conversation, you wouldn’t understand what was going on and  ideas wouldn’t be passing through. You need this light to register whats going on: “oh a couch, oh Arden”. Much like how light passes through your retinas to your brain, the information we pass around through speech helps us decipher the world around us.

Sometimes there is no sunlight and it’s hard to untangle all these new ideas coming at you. I was kinda like that in the epistemology unit, where I had no idea what we were talking about. I zoned out quite a bit, and everything was passing over my head. I’m kinda glad that’s over, like, no offense. But I’m glad to say the other units where easy to understand.

Speaking of no sunlight, there are things that block your perception, like clouds (OF DOUBT).

The clouds that block this sunlight. Now I mentioned before, how we had a bunch of arguments, and we were striving for everyone to hear and agree on our one singular view. However, this subject of Philosophy is not for everyone to agree on; there’s differing ideas just like in the real world. Not everyone will agree with you. So I’m not sure if this course actually did something but I feel more obligated to defend and back up my own beliefs and arguments, as well as listen and be open to other options as well.

The last thing I have to say about philosophy is that I loved watching Sam and her Savage Smackdowns™. It was a joy to watch.


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