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Metaphysics second post

The philosophy of what makes art Art is what brought me to this topic. I was curious to see what I could figure out and what other philosophers have already decided on. A lot of my influence was taken from Kant with his theories of the noumenal world and the phenomenal world. His theories are better detailed in this awesome video, skip ahead to 2:58 to learn about the Phenomenal world of experience and the Noumenal world that is itself without observation the true world that cant be experienced. Then Schopenhaur introduces the Will. This is also better explained by this video. There is also the idea which is similar to the form which was discovered by Plato in his cave story.

The Will: It is an energy that is embodied in all physical things including us

The Idea: Non-individual pure essences of things.

An interesting theory that Schopenhauer had about art is that when you see a true piece of art that embodies the true form then you stop being a single consciousness and you are pulled higher into this experience and merge into this idea. You become freed from the Will and then become part of the Noumenal world. That is why he thought different pieces of art were better than others and this had to do with the aesthetic experience that you get from viewing amazing works of art.

Once you start to think about how art is supposed to bring you this transcendent experience then it can make you wonder how there is so much art in the world. Does every piece really capture the Idea of whatever is depicted? I think there is a difference between these theories and what people think fo aesthetics because all art is beauty even if it is not pretty and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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