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Abortion Debate – Courtney Mignot

This video was obtained from youtube.

These two ladies are debating about abortion, Megyn Kelly is on the left and Debbie Wasserman is on the right. Debbie is being asked many tough questions that often raise a lot of controversy between people.

Debbie’s conclusion is that her and her political party believe woman have the right to make their own reproductive decisions and that the government cannot take that right away from them.

Points that formed her conclusion are…

  1. The majority of the country support the right for woman to choose what they would like to do (abortion or not).
  2. The decision to have an abortion or not should be between a woman and her doctor, not a woman and the government.

Truth, validity and soundness:

I believe that Debbie’s points were definitely valid, you can tell she believes in what she is saying and supported each and every one of her answers. Abortion is a very difficult subject to bring up but still, her argument is probably seen as factually correct to many people who agree with her and a study was actually done to see how many people support a woman’s rights to choose so that point is true. With this being said, I believe that it is a sound argument.


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