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Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton on the Death Penalty

Summary: Clinton is pro death penalty, however, for only those who have commited absolutely heinous crimes like terrorism. Bernie is against it since there are a lot of innocent people including minority groups who have been executed .


Premises and Conclusion:

Too many innocent people have been killed when they are not guilty.

Government itself shouldn’t be part of killing when there are enough killing happening in the world already.

Death Penalty should not be allowed.

Truth, Validity, and Soundness: The first premise seem to be true as there have been the cases where an innocent person got executed, but the second premise is more like an opinion rather than a fact. Therefore the conclusion is somewhat sound.



One Response to Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton on the Death Penalty

  1. bryanjack says:

    Hi Scott,

    Premise two is indeed more of an opinion or subjective statement; in fact, it may even require its own set of premises to be accepted (this would be an example of the begging the question fallacy: https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/tools/lp/Bo/LogicalFallacies/53/Begging_the_Question).

    With regards to validity, however: do you think that the conclusion follows from the two premises you’ve highlighted? Some may argue that either of the premises on their own might lead to the conclusion that the death penalty should not be meted out.


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