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Trumps tiny hands, but what else? – Liam Pringle

In the video above Marco Rubio takes a shot at Donald Trump for his small hands and at the same time references his “eleventh finger”

Premise 1 – Trump has small hands

Premise 2 – people with small hands have a small penis

There for – trump has a small penis

The truth of this statement is unknown, this is a valid statement if the premises are true, but the argument is not sound.


In the video above Donald Trump counters Marco Rubio’s statement about his hands and other body parts

Premise 1 – Donald Trump tells the truth

Premise 2 – Because he is truthful he assures us his hands are large and that he is well of with his size

There for – Donald Trump does have a good size penis

The truthfulness of this statement is unknown, if the premises are true then the argument is valid, the argument is not sound


One Response to Trumps tiny hands, but what else? – Liam Pringle

  1. Mr. Jackson says:

    In the first case, the second premise could be ascertained, but even then only to a degree of probability….

    The second one needn’t begin with whether or not Trump tells the truth (which may make the argument stronger). You could connect the argument back to the first set of premises, and acknowledge that Trump has apparently proportional-to-his-body sized hands. Again, if a correlation between hand and penis size could be ascertained (within a margin of error), one could conclude the truth of Trump’s debate boast.


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