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FIFA Corruption Scandal – Sam Wei

In this video, John Oliver addresses the dark side of the governing body of association football, FIFA.


  1. In 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil was chosen as the host of this massive soccer event. Back in 2003, Brazil banned alcohol in all stadiums due to the enormous amount of deaths after games. This seems like a good idea, life-saving even. However, since Budweiser is one of FIFA’s biggest sponsor, FIFA force and demand Brazil to change their law for them. FIFA Secretary General Jarome Valcke stated “I’m sorry to say, and maybe I look a bit arrogant, but that’s something we will not negotiate. I mean, there will be and there must be as part of the law, the fact that we have the right to sell beer.”
  2. The host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup has already been decided, and it’s Qatar. Many people question FIFA’s decision and suspect that there must be some sort of bribery that leads to this result. There are several reasons why Qatar is not a good place to hold the world cup. One of them being that the temperature in Qatar can sometimes reach to 50 Celcius, which is not a good condition for soccer players or fans. Also, there are data showing that more than one worker per day died during the construction of the world cup stadiums.
  3. FIFA had more than one billion dollars in the bank, even though they call themselves a non-profit organization. Sepp Blatter, former head of FIFA, address that money as being only “reserves”.


  1. FIFA is not a non-profit organization, instead, it is extremely corrupted and cares more about money than football.

The premises are all proven to be true and valid individually. The whole argument is valid and factually correct.


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