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Time without Change – Liam Pringle

Can there be time without change?

When we first got this assignment and i picked this question I thought that there is no way that there could be time without change, because time is a changing thing and if it doesn’t change then how would it work. But by doing research on the question i figured out a lot more about what time and change really are, and if they can exist without each other.

The question of whether there could be time without change has traditionally been thought to be closely tied to the question of whether time exists independently of the events that occur in time. For, the thinking goes, if there could be a period of time without change, then it follows that time could exist without any events to fill it; but if, on the other hand, there could not be a period of time without change, then it must be that time exists only if there are some events to fill it.

if it is possible for there to be a period of time during which nothing changes, anywhere (except, perhaps, for the pure passage of time itself, if there is such a thing) — then it is possible that a worldwide “freeze” will occur between the time you finish reading this sentence and the time you start the next sentence. In fact, if it’s possible for there to be a period of time without change, then it may well be that a million years have passed since you finished reading the last sentence.

This paragraph really helped show me how to answer the question. I see that time itself is a state that is always there, it doesn’t change, but the things that fill up time and exist within it do change. Its like if everything where to freeze over nothing would change but time itself would still pass.

When I look back at the question with all that I have read I feel that I have an opinion on it now, and I do thing that there can be time without change. But wile i was working on this question I started thinking if anything would change if we swapped time and change, Can there be change without time? That feels like a different question because everything changes over time, and if we removed time would anything change or would it all stop where it was.


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