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Time’s a changing thing -Kyle Meyer

Can there be time without change?

This pretty much sums up my question perfectly;

What if one day things everywhere ground to a halt? What if birds froze in mid-flight, people froze in mid-sentence, and planets and subatomic particles alike froze in mid-orbit? What if all change, throughout the entire universe, completely ceased for a period of, say, one year? Is such a thing possible?

This was taken from an article that can be found here, and this question got me wondering, is this possible, and if it was, what would happen?

In fact, if it’s possible for there to be a period of time without change, then it may well be that a million years have passed since you finished reading the last sentence.

This question about time and change goes really deep, it goes from just a could there be time without change, all the way to time travel and the universe expanding through time, with or without it. Which really caused more questions for myself, because what is time? Again from the same site, a little ways down they mention;

For, the thinking goes, if there could be a period of time without change, then it follows that time could exist without any events to fill it; but if, on the other hand, there could not be a period of time without change, then it must be that time exists only if there are some events to fill it.

So there are two sides to this time vs change. Something I need to dig deeper for, something I need to look back in time for, if there even is time at all. “Aristotle and others (including, especially, Leibniz) have argued that time does not exist independently of the events that occur in time” so that being said and widely agreed upon that time will keep going, even if there is no change. So finally, I found an answer, or one that some people thing would be correct, that time can keep moving if everything stopped.

“Time is like an empty container into which things and events may be placed; but it is a container that exists independently of what (if anything) is placed in it.”

Well there I have it, time will keep moving even if I stopped changing, however, that raises another question, what is change? For example, if I cut myself, technically that would be a change, I did not have that cut a few seconds before. The cells in my body are changing and replicating every second, that’s also change. My fingers on this very keyboard are moving from their original positions, that would also be change, and your eyes, moving back and fourth and changing, your pupils my dilate and so on, so would there be a way to stop changing?

However, that is more for me to read, more to understand, time is endless, but would change be endless as well? Many questions came up in my head while reading this, because as I mentioned earlier, time travel and the ever expanding universe is also another time and change aspect of life. So I think for now, I have a comfortable understanding about what a Time with Change would kinda look like.

(Anything that is in block quotations are from the same site, found here)


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