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what is the mystery behind afterlife?

Is there an afterlife? What does its mystery mean to us?

  1. I have been always interested in finding out about where we go after we die? Are we just here to live for a some years and die and turn into dust or is there something more to it? The concept of afterlife is really interesting to me, because no one has ever experienced it and talked about it for sure.  In addition it’s really important to me to about this topic because afterlife and death is something we all will experience sooner or later so to me it’s really interesting to know about it.
  1. In this article by John Hall, Professor Robert Lanza talks about how existence of after life can be proven by looking at theory of biocentrism. The biocentrism theory says that the evidence lies in the idea that the concept of death is a mere figment of our consciousness. “Universe only exists because of an individual’s consciousness of it; essentially life and biology are central to reality, which in turn creates the universe.” He says the universe and also the death and afterlife only exists because we believe it and we think about it and make it up in our mind. He also adds in an article that has been posted on the scientist’s website, “the concept of death as we know it is cannot exist in any real sense as there are no true boundaries by which to define it. Essentially, the idea of dying is something we have long been taught to accept, but in reality it just exists in our minds.
  1. The question that shaped in my mind after reading this article was that how come no one has ever survived from death? How come no one can ever life forever if Robert Lanza believes that the concept of afterlife and death is only in our mind. If it’s just something in our mind and its all made up by us then how can we survive it? How can we skip death?

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