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Is time an illusion?

The whole topic of time really interests me so i decided to do my research on “is time an illusion”. Over the course of reading through a couple different essays I think i definitely found some answers to my main question.

I think that time is a very hard subject to get answers about because so many people believe different things and no one has concrete answers. One of my main questions was “who decided that a day is 24 hours?”, there weren’t many answers along these lines but reading different peoples thoughts made me think of new questions surrounding time that had never even crossed my mind before.

One of my favorite essays was a case study in means-end metaphysics by Christopher Hitchcock (http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehcs/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=21&sid=b4c5a641-3c04-47ba-9137-3d8f9064cfb9%40sessionmgr114&hid=109). He wrote a lot about the relationship between events and time and whether or not the time at which the event occurred is crucial to that event. The example he used made the point he was trying to get across a lot clearer, it was…if a meeting was scheduled for Monday but then re-scheduled for Thursday, is the meeting that will occur on Thursday still the same as the one that would have occurred on Monday? This really got me thinking, would it be the same meeting? Its almost as if when it was first scheduled it occupied that time but now that it was re-scheduled it a completely new and different event.

Another part of the essay that stood out to me was the part about “why is time special”. How i understood it was that Hitchcock was basically saying that if 2 possible events are on the same grounds then one cant happen without the other but one also doesn’t prevent the other one from happening. The example he used, which again made this topic area a lot easier to understand was, if there is a fire in a certain place in April then on those exact grounds there could possibly be a fire in May (if its not put out by then) but if the fire didn’t happen in April, it doesn’t mean that one could start in May.

I now have deeper knowledge about the whole concept of time and i am very happy that I researched this topic more.


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