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Afterlife mysteries


  1. In the previews post, I mentioned the questions I had and why this topic is interesting and important to me. I talked to Sydney and told her about the articles and the concepts I learned by looking at this research. Her topic is sort of similar to my topic, her topic is about the existence of things and how things didn’t existed before we give them a certain name which can be connected to my topic since in the article doctor Robert Lanza talk about how death is a concept of our mind and it doesn’t exist outside our minds is kind of the same thing that Sydney is researching about. We came to a conclusion that a lot of things might exist around us just because we have a definition or a word for them as well as death and afterlife
  2. For the Phil’s day off I tried talking to 3 people with totally different perspectives about the death and afterlife. I talked to a friend of my mom, she is a religious person and she believes that after humans die they either go to heaven or hell depending on their behaviors in this world. This has been said in many different ways on all religions and the people who believe in religion surly believe that this is thru purpose of our life in this world getting what we deserve and getting punished for the wrong actions we committed during our lives. Another perspective is the spiritual way to look at and this is the theory I believe in: I believe in Reincarnation which is the philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Hindu religion. I think what Doctor Robert Lanza also said about the fact that death is just a concept that only exists in our mind that what he meant. He meant that out physical body dies after a while but our sprit will travel through other bodies forever, maybe that what he meant that death does not exist, maybe he meant that spiritual death doesn’t exist.



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