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Discussion Blog Post – Alicia Atherton

A. Lucid Dreaming – Dreams of Clarity; Nightmares in the Context of PTSD Treated with Psycheducation Regarding Lucid Dreaming – initial findings that I have found in both of these readings were slightly confusing, not being straightforward with a conclusion in either of these articles. The closest I could get too as a conclusion was that lucid dreaming is being used as a cure for nightmares, but how could that be if lucid dreaming, on the other hand, is a terrifying experience that occurs in another section of the brain.

B. Some common insights raised in group discussions were the differences between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. William, Matthew, myself and a few others discussed (in the classroom) the differences on how the effects of sleep paralysis relate to the effects of lucid dreaming, and we all came up with the conclusion that there are not as many similarities as there are differences.

C. Some divergent insights raised in the group discussion between myself, William, Matthew and a few other boys were quite opposite and questionable. I, myself, got confused as to what sleep paralysis was, thinking that it had a lot, if not all of the similarities between that and lucid dreaming, overall changing up my question a little bit. There were not as many individual statements made clear with my peers, but more of a group conclusion and understanding, overall having all of our brains work together in figuring out a possible solution to my question. Our insights were not very clear so they are not fresh in my mind, but I do remember us entering a part of the conversation that related to which part of the brain we don’t use and if it is more powerful then the part of the brain we do use.

D. I would still like to get closer to a conclusion to my question, as I am far from one. I want to know if the subconscious part of the brain is more powerful then the conscious part of the brain, and if the subconscious part lets us see life forms that we simply cannot see with the conscious part. None of these questions have been answered quite yet, but I will do as much as I can to get closer to the answer I am looking for, as well as some answers to previous questions that may have not or already have been strung through my head.


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