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Humanity And freedom part 3- Jessica Lewis

During Phils day off, i took my question ‘are humans free?’ and asked seven people what they thought. Some of the people i asked were family and friends and some were strangers. For my questions i fund it important that i as people who i don’t know s that i could then receive further insight and see what the difference of response was.

” I think everybody know’s we’ve never been free, and never will be” – unknown waitress and the restaurant.

On April 15th, I had my grad dress fitting and between  all the pins and people around me i decided to ask one of the ladies that was adjusting my dress whether she felt free or not. Her response to my question was reserved and she simply said how she thought she was free. The lady said that she loves her life and wouldn’t change it. after an incredibly awkward 20 minutes we left and went for dinner nea by. After having our drink served i asked the waitress if she felt as if she was free. Her response was surprising and caught me of guard. he waitress replied,” No..well..i guess? i would like the think i am free but i think everyone knows we’ve never been free and never will be?”  After she brought our dinner back she asked me why i asked her that question. I told her about philosophy and our phills day off assignment. The waitress told me how shes been interested in philosophy for a long time. After asking two complete stranger, when i come home i asked my parents and their responses were that they feel money puts a huge restriction on things an constricts us as people. I asked my sister and she first laughed at how incredibly out of the blue my question was ( considering we were on skype  it was very much random ) and then she told me how she hadn’t the slightest clue.

After recording my finding and what people said, i found it interesting as how although people answered my question they were relatively reserved and apprehensive about answering and to me that says more about their answer than their answer does itself. It reinforces that we second guess ourselves due to popular belief. Society has a larger hold on us than we think. As a matter of fact its startling.


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