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Phils Day Off Discussion – Alicia Atherton

  1. Something I heard that connected to my own topic was how a peer in my classroom sat in the middle of the forest during her camping trip for 5 hours straight, only having a guitar in her hands. Another person locked himself in his basement for 2 days, completely isolated from the world. They did this to see what the human brain would do – to see if the possibility of opening another ‘passage’ in your brain was a likely one.
  2. Something that shaved my topic in a new light was the fact that other people (peers in my philosophy classroom) were trying to find out other ways to unlock a certain section of our brain, to see what would happen and if we could control it. Although it is not related directly to my main question, it has something to do with a question that came from the findings of my research articles: Are there other ways we could open up a certain part of our brain that could only be opened (so far) with lucid dreaming?

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