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Time Without Change Discussion and Day off – Liam Pringle

In Class Discussion

My Initial question is Can there be time without change, and at first i thought that there was no way that there could be time without change because i was under the impression that Time is Change, and therefor could not exist without change. But by going deeper into the question and actually looking at what Time is I realized that Time can exist without change, I explain the findings for my question more on my Main Post

On the days that i was able to talk to people about our Metaphysical questions i found that the questions bought up by Tali and Natalie related to my own question of time without change. Their questions where; How the universe affects us? (Tali) and Does life have meaning? (Natalie). Through talking with them about their topics we found that our ideas relate, with Tali’s questions (how the universe affect us) we started talking about what would happen if everything in the universe stopped, could time exist then, before I was only thinking about earth but during our discussion it brought my thinking to a new place and raised some new questions. With Natalie’s question (Does life have meaning) we started talking about how life would change with the would change and how it would affect our life’s meaning over time.

After the in class discussions that we had i feel that I have even more questions about my original question as well as some new questions and I really want to take a deeper look into them. I want to look more into space and the limits we are limited to in our universe, as well as if we our life has meaning or if “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”


Phil’s Day Off

The Phil’s Day Off assignment is where we talk time out of one of our days and take a deeper look into our metaphysical question in a way that we have not already. My question was Can there be time without change? So to experience this question I though that it would be a good idea to see how I reacted to time passing wile being entertained and how i reacted to time wile doing nothing. I found that wile I was doing something time seemed to pass by a lot faster, and the time I did nothing the time passed a lot slower, this is probably no surprise to you as we all experience this throughout life. But by doing this experiment it brought up new questions that i had not thought about before, like how the passing of time is the same for everyone but some people at different times see it as a quick minute and some find that the time passing is long and slow moving. And this added another layer to my original question Can there be time without change? and has made me think more in depth about my question then i had gone before


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