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What’s your purpose? -Natalie Galbraith

My initial question about if there really is a meaning to life or if we make it up ourselves led me to an article about if a lack of purpose in life leads to boredom. The article led me to understanding how most humans need to live for something larger than themselves; they must have a purpose. So essentially there is a meaning to life, but it is different to each individual person.

Does life have meaning? -Natalie Galbraith

In one of my discussions with other people we talked about the importance of money vs happiness.  This really emphasized the fact that each person is different and has different values.  Some people find it more important to become rich in life whereas others believed the importance of being happy out weighed wealth.

To explore my question further in the real world I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do at first.  Eventually I came to the decision that I should do nothing.  This may sound lazy but I did actually think this through.  Before this from my previous exploration of my question I had come to the realization that I too feel like I need a purpose in life.  My only issue was that I wasn’t entirely sure what that purpose was.  Because I was unsure I decided to carry out my weekend as normal and see if anything came up.  My weekend was very typical, I saw friends, I went to the gym, and I went to work, but by the end I had come to a conclusion.  For me personally, the meaning of life is to be happy and enjoy as much of it as I can.  I realized this while thinking about my weekend and what I had done over the course of three days.  When I was at work I really wished I could have been somewhere else doing something more enjoyable with my time.  This brings me back to the topic of money vs happiness, I realized that for me personally I would rather have time to enjoy myself than have lots of money but spend all my time working.  Every single person is different, some believe the meaning of life is to help others, or to eventually go to heaven, or to become overly rich, or even just as simple as mine, to be happy and enjoy themselves.


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