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A day off, without change? -Kyle

What if one day things everywhere ground to a halt? What if birds froze in mid-flight, people froze in mid-sentence, and planets and subatomic particles alike froze in mid-orbit? What if all change, throughout the entire universe, completely ceased for a period of, say, one year? Is such a thing possible? Can there be time without change?
I talk about this in another post located here!

In class the other day I had the chance to talk to a couple people and find some common insights in the group talk this is what I found!
Tali raised a question about how space and the universe around us would affect us. Now at first glance, this question doesn’t have much common themes with time vs change, however through more discussion it turned out to have a very startling similarity. We talked about how if the universe would affect us, it would have to grow (for us to notice and affect our earth), however the universe growing, would that be a change or was it just always as it was? Brings us to the big bang theory, but we ignored it and kept moving. Planets grow old and die over millions of years and turn into super giants, red planets and black holes, so planets do change. It got really confusing but how we managed to kinda pull everything into one, we pretty much summed up a question that if everything were to freeze (like no more changing), like my first question states, would the universe keep growing? Like where would new Planets come from and could they come into existent without the essence of change? Or do they just need time? Now leaving us totally confused and no idea where to turn we looked over to Natalie and her question; was do we create our own meaning to life. That question  alone was difficult to understand, and we couldn’t think of how time vs change would effect a meaning to life asides the fact that would your view on life change through time, and if nothing changed would the meaning of life be one thing to everyone? But it wasn’t clear to us, and we didn’t find much similarities between these questions unfortunately.

New/old questions arises;
So the new questions that arise for me was, would the universe still grow without change? Or would planets come into existence without change because time still moves. Now this is a new question and an unanswered one to myself, something I will post about in the future perhaps. My original question is still there, I have yet to find an answer that would satisfy myself enough to say yes I like that.

Now to my day off!

For my day off I decided to take an hour out of my day, to stare into a wall, just a normal wall, no windows, no paintings, just my blue bedroom wall. Then after that painstaking hour was over, I then played some games with my friends which was around an hour, however, that hour went by so fast I had almost thought someone changed my clock! So it came to my attention that, maybe time isn’t there, maybe its just what we perceive it to be? It is selfish to think that time wouldn’t be there without us, but maybe not, because when I think about it, does a daisy know its been about a year and it knows its fully bloomed? Or is it just growing like a daisy should, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, it doesn’t care; that’s just how it is. We put a number onto time really, but does the actual essence have to be there? Would time and change be separate? Or are they the same and we just look at them two different ways? I really couldn’t tell you, at least now I can’t.


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