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Is Knowledge Based on Our Experiences? – Epistemology – Alicia Atherton


1.What was my initial topic/proposition/question?

Question: Is Knowledge (topic) Based on Our Past or Present Experiences? If so, how? If not, why not?

2. What did I read/find which addresses this topic?

Reading: Experience and Reason in Einstein’s EpistemologyI found an article about knowledge based on the way Einstein saw it, initially comparing knowledge with experience

3. How did my reading help uniform my epistemological topic?

This reading was almost exactly what I was looking for, as it describes how knowledge can compare to experience. and whether it makes sense that knowledge could potentially be based on our past or present experiences. Einstein “believed it was his understanding of the relationship of experience and reason that allowed him to reconsider certain “truths” of physics. Specifically, he believed that reality and thought were independent but related, and that conceptual systems are independent of but conditioned by experience“. Einstein, being a pretty smart guy, proves that knowledge is different for many people due to everyone going through different experiences, thus forming opinions and beliefs.


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