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Knowledge and Assumptions- Natalie Galbraith

If you park your car in front of your house then go inside, you have the knowledge that your car is in front of your house, but what if the car is stolen while you’re inside?  The knowledge you now have is false, which leads me to my question; can knowledge be false information?

When talking about knowledge people typically think about truth, facts, justification, and other more factual aspects.  The article I found was different and discussed how our knowledge is mostly based on our assumptions.

Knowledge and Assumptions

The article mentions how when planning our future we take many things for granted, such as by simply thinking about where you’ll be next year you are taking for granted that you have not died from a heart attack before that time.  This reading really helped show me how most of the things we think we know could be false, most things are an assumption.  Even if you have a justified reason to believe something is correct you are only assuming it to be true unless you are seeing it happen at that moment.  Even if you parked your car in front of your house, you are only assuming it is still there unless you can see the car at that moment.  Therefore the majority of knowledge we have could be false because we are always assuming.

knowledge often rests on assumptions that you are justified in making even though you do not know those assumptions to be true.


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