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Passing Knowledge Through Generations – Jessica Lewis

I can pass a book and physically pass someone the knowledge of how to hold the book, also the book itself can represent knowledge. However knowledge can be passed in a classroom from a teacher to a student and a parent to a child.  After evaluating two pieces of reading the main question i am faced with is Can knowledge be passed?

The first reading that i read was Knowledge passed down through the generations by Prairie Gleanings. This reading used the example of a man who’s father once gave him some gardening advice. The Father told his son to set the deck near the top and leave the grass a little longer. The son soon figured out that his fathers father had told him the same and so forth through the generations. This is one of many examples of how knowledge can be passed through the generations.

The second reading that I was able to take information from is called Is Knowledge inherited? . In this Reading the writer talks about vision is automatic to us and how we do not have to learn how to see. This is an extended example that also relates to my first point about how knowledge is passed through generations.


 Vision is autonomic. We do not have to learn to see. So are the motor muscle reflexes involved in species locomotion.




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