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Remembering our Knowledge – Liam Pringle

The human mind has been always been a topic that I have thought about, and for this Epistemology topic I at first looked at how Knowledge is experience. But after I talked to Kyle.M and Bryan.J they showed me that the statement was to flat. So I turned it into two different questions 1) How do we turn experience into knowledge 2) How do we remember this new found knowledge.

When we experience an event, our brains tie the sights, smells, sounds, and our own impressions together into a relationship.

In the article that i found called How do we remember, and why we forget the author states that the events we experiences cause our brain to take in all of our senses and turns them into a relationship, and that relationship is our knowledge or memory in our brain about the event. But we can’t just turn anything into a memory, the relationships that create our knowledge are made from repetition (practice) and/or emotion. This is why many people remember where they were on 9/11 and other traumatic events.



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