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does knowledge have to be true as well?

After reading several articles about the question I had I got some good information’s about the truth and knowledge and how they are completely related but at the same time really different . the article mentions  that knowledge is a proper understanding of the true nature of reality. this proper graphing reality can be knowledge by acquaintance, knowledge can be learned through someone’s personal experiences or through connecting with others and knowing about the things that they have experiences in their life but truth affirmations are those that correspond to reality so truth is a characteristic of statements that properly describe aspects of the real world.having knowledge of something shouldn’t be necessarily true; it can be true or not because sometimes knowledge depends on someone’s perspective.

knowledge must be believed, we must believe a claim in order to know it.without believing a true knowledge isn’t a proper knowledge, also a belief of knowing should come from a legit place in order for knowledge to be proper.


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