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Ignorance is Bliss – Kyle

So my knowledge question started off by hearing someone say that knowledge was good, but is it? No. Simple as that in my mind. I couldn’t see that knowing something could be good, everything we do is for personal gain, maybe not all, but many of the things we do nowadays is greedy or for personal gain. Sure if I know how to do something through an experience it could be knowledge, however who says I use that knowledge for good, I can apply is wrongly. I got this idea while talking to Alex, he was talking about Wisdom, and how we can know something and know how to use it, but apply it wrongly for personal gain. Now this got me really confused because what does that even mean. Put simply, from an post found here, it shows that:

  1. Joseph did a rather than b, even though he was convinced that b was the better thing to do all things considered.

So replacing a and b; I know that apples are better than a chocolate bar, but I like chocolate, so I ate the chocolate bar. This is a very very simple example of what I’m trying to accomplish, but its a base. Now I could apply this to many other things, like I know driving a car is bad for the environment, yet I do it anyways. There are so many things we have learnt throughout our lives that we know to be factually proven that we have chosen to ignore for greater gain personally. With all that said, this is just showing we have a Weakness of Will, but the question is about knowledge. So when talking to Adam and Liam, they told me that really what I’m saying is Ignorance is Bliss. So broken down I see that being ignorant and ignoring something we know makes us blissful, or as the dictionary says it is having “perfect happiness; great joy.” Now that sounds great, that knowing we know something only to ignore it for personal gain.


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