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Epistemology Discussions – Jessica Lewis


During our class discussion time, I first spoke to Laike about my question about is it possible that knowledge is passed? We both agreed that it is passed, and then I brought up the idea of knowledge being passed through the generations and how we acquire it. For example we don’t have to learn vision, its automatic. Laike brought up the example of jelly fish and how they know to move up, down and can even produce light. We spoke about the possibilities of where this knowledge the jelly fish have could have come from?


The second person I spoke to was Natalie, We together discussed how we would define knowledge, wisdom, information and understanding. We said that to us, wisdom is what comes with age, information is facts (for example the color of my eyes and the combination of my genes ) , we also said that understanding something or someone is making the connections between things and finally we decided that knowledge is in  everything and everyone. In this discussion I tried to make a connection to my own question. I came up with the idea that yes, knowledge is passed however is can also be created within. Knowledge is everywhere and we are constantly evolving and with that change its untrue to say that every part of my knowledge came from previous ancestors.


After discussing with Natalie I spoke to Kyle. Kylie brought up the idea of ignorance, which we then explored more as a group, with Liam. We spoke about how people can choose to take knowledge however  they please. A second thing we spoke about is that knowing everything is impossible because knowledge is everywhere there will always be something somebody could learn.


I then spoke to David about whether knowledge is from the past or the present. We both decided that its both. I brought up the idea that everything once was in the present and one day everything will be in the past so knowledge comes from all areas of life.  Again we brought up the idea of how knowledge is everywhere. Another topic we spoke about is how knowledge is passed and how it is justified. Knowledge is passed by anything, take me knocking on a wooden table. From knocking on the table the knowledge is passed to my senses which then tell me that a sound is produced when I tap hard enough on the table. Also intangible knowledge can be passed in a classroom between and teacher and a student. Me and David also spoke about the idea of not needing to prove our knowledge, for example failing a test doesn’t mean you don’t know it. Maybe failing it means you didn’t study enough or you had a bad sleep but it doesn’t mean your not knowledgeable.


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