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Knowledge vs. Truth

my original question was: how do we know that we know something? I start researching about this question which lead me to my current question which is: If knowledge has to be true as well? After reading different articles about knowledge and truth I realized that knowledge shouldn’t be necessary true too but a statement can only turn to knowledge if the person whose perceiving it believes it.

at first I talked to Sydney and her topic I thin was about individual knowledge which was pretty interesting to me because like me her topic was about how knowledge can be interpreted in different ways depending on a persons perspective of that certain topic. different people can have the exact same knowledge of a certain topic because each person has its own beliefs and perspective. For example if two students been in the same class for the entire year and had the exact same teacher and environment but one might be more knowledgeable in a certain topic than the other one and vice versa. another example is in religions for example: two people have the same religion but they might have different believes towards a certain topic according to their own personal beliefs and perspective.

at first I started by reading about”how do we know what we know but then I realized that this is a really general topic that doesn’t have a specific answer so while I was reading other articles about knowledge and epistemology I came across something about truth and knowledge an how these two are overlapping at some point but completely different at the same time, this is when I got more interested to this topic and changed my original question to the current question.
















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