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Metaphysics Discussions and “Phil’s Day Off” — David Sadeghizadeh

The discussions we had were pretty interesting. I was able to find out what some people’s metaphysics questions were and see what they had researched about. Some of the topics were close to what I was researching like Scott’s but I wasn’t really able to gain much from the discussions.

Discussion 1 (Scott, Jesse, Dom and Sam)
We tried to relate our questions to each others. I realized that Scott and I had the same initial question (What is the purpose of life?). Sam’s question was also related to mine as it tackled with reality. Dom talked about how “bad” people can change through series of events or epiphanies into “good” people. It was good but I wasn’t able to add anything to my question.

Discussion 2 (Laike, Shem, Helena, Jess, Aaron, Colin)
The topic we mostly talked about was God. We jumped from topics about God such as “if he allows ‘bad’ things in our lives” or “does he exist”. They were very interesting and made me think deeply but it didn’t help me with my question.

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my “Phil’s Day Off” assignment. My biggest challenge with this was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew that there are a lot of opinions/ideas out there about my question but it wasn’t going to help me with my question devolving, at least that’s how I thought about it.In the end, I decided to talk to someone from my church about my question and I basically got the same information that I had so far.



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