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Our Knowledge is False – Natalie Galbraith

A. We all began epistemology with the question of what is knowledge? I personally came to the conclusion that knowledge is information, but then I wondered if knowledge is information, and the information is afterwards proven false, is it still knowledge?

B. To try and answer my question I found a paper about knowledge and assumptions.  The paper explained how most of our knowledge, even if we have a justified reason to believe it is true, is based on assumptions.  This helped me to realize how not only some, but most of our knowledge could be false.

ou may know other things that are in some sense supported by things you merely take for granted in this way. For example, you may know that your car is outside in front of your house. Your knowledge rests on various assumptions that you do not know but justifiably take for granted—that there is an external world including cars and houses, that you are not a brain in a vat who simply imagines you have a car and a house, and that no one has taken your car away since you parked it in front of your house an hour ago.

Knowledge and Assumptions

During our discussions I talked with Sydney about the differences between true, true belief, and justified belief.  We agreed true is something you are seeing, justified belief is something you saw, and true belief we struggled with to define but decided it is something you haven’t seen but believe in.  This conversation connected to my topic because justified belief is what most of our knowledge is based on, and the definitions we came up with for these three topics solidified for me what I had gotten from the paper.

C. The paper I read and the in class discussions really helped me to answer my question.  When I used to think of knowledge I thought of things like facts and truth but the paper helped to show me how there is much more to it.  The discussions we had in class also helped to back up everything the paper was saying and furthered my understanding of it.



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