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Discussion – Liam Pringle

My original statement for knowledge is … was knowledge is experience. After I talked to Bryan.J and Kyle.M they helped me see that I could take my statement and expand on it. This led me to my new idea or statement how do we turn our experiences into knowledge and where do we keep it for later use?.

During the group discussions I was able to talk to a lot of people that had different outlooks than me as well as similar ones, the conversations that I had did help me see my statement /question in a way I had not thought about it before. The first thing we talked about was when truth, true belief, and justified true belief becomes knowledge. I talked to Sam about the question first and he had the same ideas as me, we both thought that justified true belief was the crossing point over to knowledge. We said that truth could be someone thinking that 2 + 2 = 5, we know that that isn’t correct but to that person they could think that it is true and the truth. We also said that true belief couldn’t be related to knowledge because true belief is talking about something that you believe and doesn’t need to be confirmed. An example for that is that you could believe that there is an afterlife but that hasn’t been proven by anyone, making it hard to become knowledge. We agreed that Justified true belief relates the most to knowledge because you can justify it. I used the example of how you can show that 2 + 2 = 4 by taking I I + I I = I I I I. We then joined Kyle and Jess they had the idea that truth is more related to Knowledge over justified true belief because once something becomes justified then that means that there is a bias. Once its bias then you can experience it with your own senses, like if you are told that your blood is red from someone then every time you see blood you’ll think of red, but you could be seeing a different colour then that person.

This discussion that I had impacted my question the most as both sides had different outlooks. From the Discussion with Jess, Kyle, and Sam I can see that I was looking at my question from one side, and if I where to look at it from another side then I would benefit from that


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