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Knowledge is Blissful Ignorance – Kyle

I started off my reading blog post with a discussion one because the reading I read wasn’t fully what I wanted. I felt that when talking to classmates and other people to get their input on my topic it could further my knowledge of my topic. Also I wanted to quickly mention that when I stated in my other post that “Ignorance is bliss” that after reading what that really means in the world and on other sites, it turned out that was not what I meant at all. When I said that Ignorance was bliss, I mean that when you have the knowledge of something (that something is either good or bad) you are being blissful or happy to ignore it for personal gain. There is a version of that saying where you’re ignoring it because you don’t know what it is, you don’t have the knowledge, but I’m saying that you know what it is and you’re purposely ignoring it for gain.

Now onto the discussions I had;

So I started out with Knowledge is a weakness, however it quickly formed into a weakness of will. A little while later I soon saw myself and others told me that I was thinking about how ignorance of knowledge leads to bliss.

I talked to many people about this but to name a few, I talked with Shem, Liam, and Jess, about how we gain knowledge through our experiences, and senses and without them, there would be no knowledge. So to say if someone was blind, they wouldn’t be able to see the world we see, so would they have less knowledge then? And then I spoke with just Liam alone about how humans are curios beings and how we strive to know more, but is that good? Because if we know more, there would be more we would see wrong in the world and just more to ignore to live our lives. While talking to people helped me out, I feel it still just left me knowing that I don’t know enough nor do I want to know enough because why, why should I know everything?

While talking to Shem in more detail, we came to the conclusion that knowledge is everywhere and anything but it cant be passed down you need to see it and feel it to believe it. Yes there is math classes and history classes, but are those fully factually correct? Not always. If you read a textbook about German History in WW1 from an Americans point of view, it would be very different from a Germans point of view, if they were both written around the same time. So even though we are taught to believe these things about history or other things, they aren’t always true because we cant see it to believe it for ourselves. However this brought up religion, and we cant see or feel a God, so is God fake? However I brought up that religion comes down to faith, and there are things we cant see or feel but we just feel and see them in our heart, so making faith a strong point in the world and many things around faith. But that soon became to difficult it comprehend because where does faith and knowledge draw its lines or do they overlap?

So how does this all link to my question that how ignorance of knowledge leads to bliss? I don’t know. Simple as that, I talked to many others not listed here, for various reasons. But it came down to personal opinion and personal bias about what they had to say about this. When I told people that we ignore things everyday because either its to out of our way to get done or that we simply chose to ignore it, that was the ignorance that leads to bliss; they all seemed to agree. So the discussions I had were great and furthered my very small pool of knowledge, which I am grateful to have.


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