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Reading Post/ Discussion Post -Erin Mullen

I began this unit with the idea: Knowledge is power and those who have power must be knowledgeable. This lead to many other ideas and propositions mainly  due to the article I read which introduced a new component to my original topic, option.

I read an article called ‘Knowledge is Power’ by Uncommon Sense where the writer basically stated that knowledge = option = power. This is what really helped support and make sense of my initial idea. Throughout the article they explain how when we educate ourselves we make ourselves more valuable, leading us to more options in life which could give us higher power over those non-educated.

“The more valuable of a person you are, the more people will want to be around you, the more they will want to work with you, the more they introduce you to others who need your help or can help you, and the more doors and opportunities open in your life.”

“This high level of options in life gives you the freedom to choose from many different paths, and so you do not necessarily need anyone or anything to be happy or successful. And that freedom, my friend, is power.”

I think these statements is very true in that,  if you are applying for a job but have no valuable knowledge available to share with others why would you be hired over those who are knowledgeable?

During my discussion I talked to Courtney who’s topic was ‘Knowledge is Endless’ we discussed if knowledge is endless, how do we measure it. We talked about how school is based on measuring everyones individual knowledge level and how it’s not fair to test people on things which don’t apply to them.We then began to wonder: Is knowledge then something which has to be measured by a formal education? Or can you be knowledgeable only by experiences? …or can it be measured at all?

After reading the article I talked about above, I strongly agreed with most of their points in that knowledge = option = power. However, after speaking with Courtney I began to think that knowledge may be power BUT there is no way to truly measure it & everyones idea of ‘power’ can be viewed differently.


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