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Active Learning – Jessica Lewis

For this Phils active learning assignment my goal was to evaluate how knowledge can be passed through something, whether it may be tangible or not.

I went through my family tree and mapped out people through my ancestors. I looked at their skills and abilities and connected them to my own and to my siblings.

I learnt that knowledge can be acquired as the generations continue. Also I learnt that knowledge really  is everywhere and in everyone. Looking through all of my family members and ancestors with my sister was a transfer of knowledge by itself but also leaning about my distant cousins from Australia and great great great aunt and uncle in Europe

A further question is have is through an example. Hypothetically, Take someone’s  great great great grandfather  for example. If He fought in World war one and worked hard at a young age, does this mean that his great great great grandson or daughter will  have his very  strength bestowed in them ?

This phils day off was different from my last because this time I can clearly demonstrate my findings and can always refer back to them. Also I found this active learning move interesting because it related more to myself and my own knowledge instead of others. Although it was interesting before it was also easier to make individual connections rather than collective.


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