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Active Learning – Liam Pringle

After I found my initial question and went through our class discussions I found out that I don’t think about the other perspective as much as I would like to. So my goal for this active learning day was to look and think of things in a different way. On the actual day that I did my active learning I went out and took photographs of my local area. I wanted to look at something that I see all day in a different light, and acquire a new perspective. Will do this activity I found that there is so much more that I couldn’t see before without going farther into it. I feel that I gained a new perspective on my surroundings, if going just a little bit deeper changed my perspective on my everyday surroundings then if I take the time to think about both sides more often then my philosophy work would greatly improve.

I chose to do this activity on my active learning rather then looking deeper in how we learn, so I would like to take some time out in the future and look into this. I find memory very interesting and really want to know what makes us remember something faster and a longer lasting memory. This active learning day was very different from my other active learning day because I actually took time away from my normal schedule to do this learning. As well this active learning day didn’t directly help me with my question, but instead it provided me with a chance to improve my work from here on.


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