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Ignorance of a day off – Kyle

My goal on this day off differs from my topic a little and more works on that knowledge comes through experiences. Now while talking to people I quickly noticed I didn’t really see their point of view because mine was flooding my mind with questions, and I quickly wanted to see if I could learn something new without senses? So obviously I cant just press a button and turn them off but I did something like that. I wore a blind fold to try to remove my sight, I wore soundproof headphones to remove sound (even though the thing I was trying to learn did not use sound), I then put on thick gloves to attempt to remove my feel, now obviously I could still feel because I can feel the gloves I was wearing, but Its the best I could have done next to actually numbing my hands. Now I grabbed a pen, or what seemed like a pen? Because I couldn’t feel or see it, so really I might have just been sitting there doing nothing for all I know. But for what I was thinking about, I wanted to learn how to do pen tricks, something I’ve never been able to do but have always wanted to.

I achieved nothing; when it comes to pen tricks, however when It came to knowledge I achieved it. I learnt that knowledge is something you must learn with your senses. Now obviously if I had no senses, I wouldn’t know much, nor would that be really possible to lose them all like that. However to counter that, I slowly removed each restraint after about an hour, for a total of around four hours, to see what sense I could learn this trick without. It came down to sight. I could live without hearing much, I’m already partially deaf in my left ear so I know what not being able to hear limits me to, and pen tricks is not that. Same to as feel, sure gloves don’t remove my feel but they do limit it, but that’s not a sense I needed for pen tricks as much as sight did. Without being able to see I really limited myself because I don’t even know if I was doing anything, for all I know I was holding a phone and flipping it all day. So in the end I learnt a little about my senses.

However what more would senses effect in my day to day life and learning, and if I had my senses heightened somehow would I be able to learn things people can’t?

I tried to learn something foreign to me while last time I played something I play a lot, so it was something new my senses weren’t used to.


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