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Knowledge Discussion/Reading Post – Courtney Mignot

When our class started the Epistemology Unit and started talking about Knowledge, the first thought that popped into my head was that knowledge is endless. No one can accurately or definitely define knowledge. Knowledge is many things, it is power, is it unique, it is knowing you know nothing and i believe that all of these examples tie together to show that knowledge is in fact everything and endless at the same time.

Once i decided on my question I started this process by coming up with my own questions and ideas. Some of these were..

-Is it possible for one person to be smarter or more knowledgeable than another? Because everyone has areas that they perhaps excel in more than others.

-Do we learn things without even knowing it?

-Can being too knowledgeable ever be a bad thing or hold you back for some reason?

-I believe that knowledge is absolutely everything and surrounds us everyday.

I did my research on “knowledge is endless” and wasn’t able to find that many blogs that helped answer my questions but instead i did find a couple really good quotes which opened my mind more to the concept of “knowledge is endless”.

“Knowledge is like an endless resource; a well of water that satisfies the innate thirst of the growing human soul. Therefore never stop learning… because the day you do, you will also stop maturing.” – Chidi Okonkwo


Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge.

– Isaac Bashevis Singer
Finding these great quotes helped me because i realized that its true, no matter how smart we think we are, how much we study or how much we actually know, it will never be close to knowing all we can because knowledge IS endless. There will ALWAYS be someone who knows more than you, there were always be new knowledge about certain things being brought to our attention and we will never stop learning, even if we want to.
I spoke with Erin, Helena, Tali and Alejandro quite a lot about this topic. When Erin and I talked about my statement about knowledge is endless, she agreed with me but also said something that stood out to me. Erin asked “how do we measure knowledge and know how much someone has learned or if it endless? and there is no real answer to that question because there is no way to measure knowledge. So I realized that knowledge being endless is just a thing that i believe strongly but cant actually ever prove.
When Helena, Tali, Alejandro and I spoke we got off topic a little and ended up trying to figure out if knowledge is perception or capital T Truth. This discussion made me realize that knowledge in a way is a very personal topic and may mean different things to different people. So back to my topic, i realized that i believe knowledge is endless but others may believe that once you’ve learnt all you can about a subject then that is that.
After talking with my classmates and researching my topic online, It helped me realize that no matter what the topic is everyone will always have a different opinion on it. I also realized that knowledge as a whole is actually a way bigger topic than i thought and its actually scary to think we will never/cant ever realistically know everything there is to know.

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