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Epistemology Reading and Discussion – Kara

If you gain knowledge through memories and exploration. All the experiences you go through help aid you to be a more knowledgeable person. My view of knowledge is how you take everything in around you.

Reading about memories I found a lot of things that interested me but this line really stood out to me, “We remember experiences and events which are not happening now, so memory differs from perception. We remember events which really happened, so memory is unlike pure imagination. Yet, in practice, there can be close interactions between remembering, perceiving, and imagining. Remembering is often suffused with emotion, and is closely involved in both extended affective states such as love and grief, and socially significant practices such as promising and commemorating.” Showing that every experience and memory gets sorted into, if its need or not. So in the future you can remember the important things.

Another quotation that caught my eye was “There is a difference though between this types of knowledge and practical knowledge. The type of knowledge that you are speaking about is awareness. Knowledge of awareness works in conjunction with practical knowledge. Practical knowledge (science, math, reading, writing, etc.) is very important. Practical knowledge allows our awareness to manipulate the surrounding universe in a number of beneficial ways.” This quotation supports my opinion that you gain knowledge through memories and exploration.

I spoke with Shem and Courtney. We got a little off topic talking about how we learn and the capital “T” truth but talking about my statement they both agreed with it and thought it was a really good look on it. I agree with both Shem and Courtney’s point of view, I found there statements very interesting and it gave me some new ideas.

After talking with my classmates and researching my topic online, this helped me realize that no matter what everyone can have a different opinion on every topic. I also realized that knowledge as a whole is harder than I thought and it’s very scary to think about because we never can realistically know what knowledge it.



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