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Epistemology Discussion Post – alysha gillis

During one of my discussions I talked to Courtney, her topic was “Knowledge is Endless” and she was trying to figure out to what extent is it endless and who or how do we measure this? We were talking about how we determine what we know or how well we know it. Of course the topic of tests came up because in school, this is how we are told how smart we are. We both agreed that this method of measuring how knowledgable we were was completely flawed because this was a totally bias way of how many words we can shove in our minds 5 seconds before the test is put onto our desks. So in this method of measurement teachers/ adults are telling us what our best efforts are worth which of course we both strongly disagreed with. I was trying to figure out how Courtney’s topic related to my topic and it was difficult to make these connections but as we discussed it more i found that in fact her topic was about how we measure our level of knowledge, my topic is language and it really is similar topic because you can measure how smart you are by determining your use of language and how well you use it.

Another one of my discussions I had was with Erin and her topic was “Knowledge is Power” and she was looking into  how knowledge= options=power because the more knowledge you have allows you to have more options in career and just ultimately in your life. I think that her topic connects extremely well to mine because since hers is knowledge is power and it is how well you present your knowledge, it is really similar to mine because mine has a lot to do with how well you can present what you know with your use of language because if you are unable to communicate thoroughly, your ideas will not be understood completely and you will have a much more difficult time trying to explain your opinion and what you know, this can cause you to not get the job that you want or not be able to have many options in your career.


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