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Phil’s Day Off- Erin Mullen

My goal for Phil’s day off was to find proof within my own circle that knowledge = options which then = power. I wanted to have a clear understanding of how knowledge can be measured. so, I tried measuring knowledge in 2 different ways.

Over the weekend I spent most of my time at work so I asked a handful of co-workers to help me with my Phil’s day off. First, I asked them their job title (bartender, shift-manager, supervisor, general manager etc.), then I asked them the highest level of education they had completed. Majority of those who had a higher job title such as a supervisor had at least a college diploma. This is what gave them the option of a more powerful job. Secondly, I got the same group to all play luminosity (a brain training game) where they all got the same results.

I realized that yes, a higher education level and ‘more knowledge’ can give you more options and power even though a high school student is just as knowledgeable. I would still like to know if there are people who are of high power with no college education.

This Phil’s day off was different from the last because I was more organized and had panned questions and activities.


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