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Epistemology Final – Liam Pringle

Knowledge is …

My first response to this question was that knowledge is experience. The problem with using this for the rest of my epistemology unit was that it does not go deep enough into any important topics or information, it’s just a general statement. When it came time for us to publish the reading blog post I found myself stuck with no direction for knowledge is experience. I talked to Bryan Jackson and Kyle Meyer and they helped me create a new topic to go off of. My new topic was How we turn our experiences into knowledge and retain them?

Reading – my post

I found a very good article called How we remember and why we forget that showed how we turn our experiences into knowledge in the form of memories. The article really showed me how much of our knowledge is from our experiences, it talks about how during an event that we remember we will think about all the scenes that we experienced during that event. As well as how well you remember something is increased by how long you experiences it for like practicing the guitar or if there is a strong emotion that you experiences at that time. All those experiences create a memory that you can look back on, and that memory becomes what you know and your knowledge.

After reading the article is provided me with a lot of information for what I was looking for, but it also made me think about other questions. Some of the questions where; why are there somethings that we are just naturally good at? Could knowledge be passed down to you from your parents without being taught it? Even though the article that I found was very in-depth, it didn’t completely answer my question from all perspectives.

Discussions – my post

The class discussions that i had where good, but a lot of the groups that I was apart of had the same perspective as me, all except for when Sam and I joined Kyle and Jess. The discussion topic that we where talking about at the time was When does Truth, True Belief, and Justified True Belief become Knowledge? Same and I both agreed that knowledge has to be Justified True Belief. We related our answer to a pyramid in our class that has a bottom layer that is opinion, middle layer that is belief, and a top layer that is knowledge. We said that Truth is the same as opinion, True Belief is the same as belief, and Justified True Belief is the same as knowledge. But when we started talking with Kyle and Jess they provided a very strong different perspective. They said that knowledge is best related to Truth, because if something is true to you then its your knowledge. As well as in Justified True Belief it has to be justified by a group of people and then that means that it could be bias to a certain group and not true to another. After hearing what they had to say it made me think that I needed to really try to see thing in multiple perspectives.

Active Learning (Phil’s day off)my post

For my active learning I decided to try to improve on my perspective. I took some time out of my day to go out and take photographs of my neighborhood, a location that I see everyday and have a set opinion about it. While i was out and about I looked into places that I had never looked before and I found that there was a lot more to the location that I was in then i had though before. Doing this encourage me to try to look more in-depth on topics I come across and look at all the angles, in order to create the best work I can.


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