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Epistemology final synthesis


We started this unit by reading some articles about knowledge and how do we know that we know something. After reading these articles each person brought up a question which was the question they had after reading the articles.My original question was the general idea of epistemology”how do we know that we know something”? I started reading some articles about  this question but i realized that its too general and cant be defined in a certain way also during this time I came across a question which really took my attention and i really liked it” dose knowledge have to be true as well?” I started researching about truth and knowledge and how they are totally different but overlapping at the same time.

the readings were about how knowledge doesn’t need to be necessarily true, it might be but it can be no true as well . the most important part, it needs to be believed by the audience that are taking in the information.  information should be believed by someone in order for that information to turn into knowledge, for example:if I read some information about the parallel universes and I believe the information after researching about it then that information turned into knowledge for me because I personally believe it.

conclusion(3 take away):

  • knowledge is individualized and taking information really depends on someone’s perspective of something and the information can be taken away in many different ways.
  • information should be believed by an individual in order for it to turn into knowledge.
  • we never know if we know something for sure, what if what we think we know for sure is not the reality?

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