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Epistemology – Jessica Lewis

Through out this epistemology unit I have previously wrote about my reading, Knowledge passed down through the generations , and my discussion with class members Sydney and Kiana.

After reading two pieces of text  my main question was , Can knowledge be passed? The first reading that i read was Knowledge passed down through the generations by Prairie Gleanings. This reading used the example of a man who’s father once gave him some gardening advice. The Father told his son to set the deck near the top and leave the grass a little longer. The son soon figured out that his fathers father had told him the same and so forth through the generations. This is one of many examples of how knowledge can be passed through the generations. The second reading that I was able to take information from is called Is Knowledge inherited? . In this Reading the writer talks about vision is automatic to us and how we do not have to learn how to see. This is an extended example that also relates to my first point about how knowledge is passed through generations.

I first spoke to Laike about my question about is it possible that knowledge is passed? We both agreed that it is passed, and then I brought up the idea of knowledge being passed through the generations and how we acquire it. For example we don’t have to learn vision, its automatic    The second person I spoke to was Natalie, We together discussed how we would define knowledge, wisdom, information and understanding. We said that to us, wisdom is what comes with age, information is facts,, we also said that understanding something or someone is making the connections between things and finally we decided that knowledge is in  everything and everyone. In this discussion I tried to make a connection to my own question. I came up with the idea that yes, knowledge is passed however is can also be created within. Knowledge is everywhere and we are constantly evolving and with that change its untrue to say that every part of my knowledge came from previous ancestors.  I also spoke to Kyle and the idea of ignorance We spoke about how people can choose to take knowledge however  they please .  We then  spoke about  how knowing everything is impossible because knowledge is everywhere. Me and  David talked  about whether knowledge is from the past or the present. We decided that its both. I brought up the idea that everything once was in the present and one day everything will be in the past so knowledge comes from all areas of life.

My goal for Phils day off was to evaluate how knowledge can be passed. I went through my family tree and mapped out people through my ancestors. I looked at their skills and abilities and connected them to my own and to my siblings.   I learnt that knowledge can be acquired as the generations continue.  I learnt that knowledge really  is everywhere and in everyone. Looking through all of my family members and ancestors with my sister was a transfer of knowledge by itself but also leaning about my distant cousins from Australia and great great great aunt and uncle in Europe

In conclusion, throughout this unit of study, I have developed a greater insight as regards to knowledge, where is it, how it is acquired and what exactly it is. I found that knowledge is passed but in many ways. For example knowledge can be passed through the generations. Another finding I experienced throughout this unit is the idea that when given more room to explore  I typically find more. A final finding I had was that reading more research allows me to create more philosophical questions, then I can discuss more with more people.


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