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Phils Day Off – Alicia Atherton – Epistemology

A. What was my goal?

My goal was to find a way to prove that our knowledge gained is based on previous experiences, since that is what I initially believe(d). I wanted to come up with a way to prove such thing, making it very difficult for me to find something specific to do for Phil’s day off.

B. What did I achieve/learn?

I thought long and hard about what I was going to do. I had no idea or anything to start me off for the longest time. Then it hit me. I could simply just go about my weekend without HAVING to do something specific. If I could prove that I learned things throughout my daily experience, I could just do what I usually do on the weekends. Over the weekend, I ended up partying a little bit too hard with my friends. Throughout that experience, I learned that my body could only handle so much, to the point where I would feel and become very sick if I didn’t know my limits, being a teenager and all. I learned what my limits were, through the experience I shared with other people, thus increasing my knowledge on “partying” if called so. Also, I helped a friend out that weekend when they were going through a hard time. I learned more about my friend just from comforting them and talking about that certain problem, thus gaining knowledge about my friend, based on the experience on how to comfort somebody.

C. What do I still want to know?

I still want to know in which ways it would be possible to either not gain knowledge through experience, or to simply know something without going through the experience in order to know it. If there ways in which these statements could be true, how would it be possible, and if it is not possible, why not?

D. How was this Phil’s day off different than my last?

My two Phil days off were almost identical in which I did not know what to do for the longest time in both subjects. I would say that I did a bit more this Phil’s day off then the last, even if doing more means going through my weekend like I normally would. I attempted at falling into a lucid dream in my last Phil’s day off, which does not take any every whatsoever, so I would overall say this Phil’s day off was more successful. Also, my conclusion was clearer in this Phil’s day off then it was in my last, so that makes a huge difference.


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