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Epistemology Discussions

The discussions I took part in during our Epistemology unit weren’t specifically relevant to my individual topic in the most helpful way, but they did help broaden my thinking and questioning in leaps and bounds. It was the first round of discussions that I’ve had in philosophy where I felt my ideas really flowed, and were supported and embellished by others’ theories. Many ideas were also challenging for me, especially the ones along the lines of “True Vs. True Belief Vs. Justified True Belief?”, but with the help of my groups I think I was able to come to some conclusions that work for me, and grow as a thinker.

I would say the most relevant perspective to my own topic that I heard during our conversations was Alicia’s question, “Is knowledge based on our past or present experiences?” We didn’t exactly have a deep discussion about it, but I did some thinking about it on my own and I felt that it helped strengthen my investigation. It’s kind of exactly my question, (Can positive/forced thinking affect the way we feel about something we already have strong feelings about) but from a different angle. The way her question was worded helped me think of my own query as a battle between past and present experiences, and gave it more layers and deeper roots. If you ate broccoli for dinner yesterday and absolutely hated it, you have knowledge that broccoli is gross. However, if mom makes it AGAIN tonight, and you tell yourself that it’s the most delicious food in the world, will your positive thinking trick your brain and physically affect your palate? It’s a toss-up between memories (the past) and the power of your thoughts (the present).


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