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Epistemology – Discussion

My discussion with others is mainly upon whether our knowledge, to some extent, is based on “luck”. The Gettier Problem somewhat proves that without luck, the knowledge that we think is true and justified can actually be wrong. After hearing the theory behind The Gettier Problem, all of us agree that justified true knowledge does rely on luck to a certain extent. Which brought us further to questions like:

Are the JTF we know right now ACTUALLY true, or just true because of luck?

Can knowledge justified by luck still be Knowledge?

Is “luck” one of the limitations of knowledge?

There are many JTF that we can prove to be true at any moment, such as 2 + 2 =4. However, what if the person who discovered 2+2=4 used clay to prove the theory? His answer would no longer be 4, instead, it should be 1. These kinds of “what ifs…” may be a bit far-fetched, but consider the fact that these JTFs are so widely used, it may seem a bit shaky when the equation 2+2=4 can actually be published and taught as 2+2=1.

My conclusion after the discussions is that knowledge does have a lot of limitations, and “luck” happens to be one of them. It may sound absurd because “knowledge” and “luck” doesn’t mix well together since luck doesn’t happen as often while knowledge should be applicable at all times to be considered as knowledge.


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