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Epistemology – Phils Day Off

What is my goal?

To explore all sorts of justified true knowledge and evaluate whether they are justified at all times, or justified by luck.

What did I achieve & learn?

After investigating some of the most obvious JTF I can find around myself, I realize that many of the truth I see can be true just by luck. For example, it is debatable that many of the equations we are using in Calculus 12 are proven true because of partially luck. Also, it is unreasonable to assume that the clock in my house is working properly just because I see 9:16am and 9:16pm correctly out of the whole day. There are many knowledge that I know which can be true at certain moments because of “luck”, and false when it is not at the exact moment or condition.

What do you still want to know?

I would like to know if there is a way to prove that knowledge is true for eternity, not only for a period of time but forever.

How is this Phils Day Off different from the last one?

I feel like this Phils Day Off is more close to me than the last one because I try to associate my thinking and mind into the topic. Last time I simply search up on the internet for methods to discover and calm my emotions. This time, I try to discover different kinds of JTF around me and try to prove to myself that whether this knowledge can be true for all cases, or it might be true because of “luck”.


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