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What are Emotions? – Discussion + Active Learning


After discussing with my peers regarding this topic, it turns out that we can all agree and relate to the general theory of emotions – emotions are automatic responses to a previous value judgment.  However, we ran into other questions as well, such as if emotions can be taught and learned from others prior to experiencing it ourselves? It is not unusual to experience new emotions as we age, but how do we know what emotions we are experiencing when it is completely new for us. Generally, emotions such as anger and fear are easy to show and “teach” others. However, there are also emotions such as depression  that cannot be simply identified and interpreted. The mystery behind emotions is that we cannot be sure that human beings as a whole have experienced every possible emotion that can occur within us. Referring to the theory of emotions mentioned from the start, we can also conclude that new emotions can be developed as our value judgement changes. And our value judgement does change or evolve over time.

Phils Day Off

For my phils day off, I decided to look for some ways to explore my own emotions and maybe even learn to control them. Specific details and tips can be found in this link:



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