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Phils Day Off – Epistomology

The main difference between this Day and the Metaphysics Day, is that for this one, I had an inkling of an idea for what I could do. I still didn’t have any particular goal, unless you would say that “seeing what conclusions I make” would count as a goal.

My actual activity? I played Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). This applies to my topic because of an interesting part of the role playing aspect in D&D, called “In-Character Knowledge”. Essentially, I was playing a Monk who has grown up in isolation, who knows nothing of the outside world besides what he’s read inside of some ancient scriptures he’s found. The interesting part, was how I as the player, had to distinguish what I know and what my character would know; playing a character with such a steep learning curve was extremely interesting when you consider the origin of knowledge, and how much people know without realizing it.

My character acted almost as a moral compass for the group; they were all hardcore adventurers, ruthless fighters who all had one main objective: money. Now, my character? Money was a foreign concept to me, and I knew nothing about it. But I knew that killing a defenseless person was wrong, even though he was hired by our enemy to kill us.

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My friend Rita’s depiction of my character being given a flower by a small child (because I’m the moral compass of the group)^

What was interesting, is how in my absence of common sense, I felt the need to possess such a strong character; I was wise, without knowledge, which goes against what we agreed upon in class (which was information < knowledge < understanding < wisdom). This makes me believe that there are multiple kinds of wisdom; the inherent, human kind, and the kind that comes with understanding. My character had the former, because he had a general respect for life in a way that animals don’t.

I still want a definitive answer to my question: how /are/ ideas formed?

Overall, I’m a lot happier with how this “Day Off” went; not only because I had a good time, but because I feel I was actually doing something related to my idea, instead of just working.


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