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Sludge Water? – Kyle

What did I intend to do? Well, I wanted to have a simple day and just have fun and get some sun. I was invited by a close friend of mine to go onto his boat onto a local river over the weekend. I felt that wake boarding and being on the boat, would lead to some sort of aesthetic experience, however it did not go the way I had planned. So this leads into my “what actually happened portion”. So what did actually happen? Well, sludge water happened. While sitting on the boat at the peak of the day, baking away in mercy to the suns rays, i found myself looking at the water. This icy cold heaven I wanted so badly, something to cool off; until I looked closer at this frozen hell. Sludge, floaties, and the odd little fish swept past the boat as a peered into the water. I could see the bottom, yet only see more things I dare not mention. A bead of sweat races down my back faster than I could react, it was a scorcher out there. I thought about what it would feel like jumping into this nice cold water, something to cool myself off in. But I found myself, to my utmost discomfort, not able to take the leap in, even though I knew I would feel immediate relief, my knowledge of the after math about how I would be covered in this sludge and slime would change that instant relief into instant regret.

I got something out of this unforgivably hot weekend on the boat. That I can live in the moment, when it comes to hot summer days and gross waters. I tried to live in the moment, and tried slowly submerging myself into that icy hell, I did not think about what it looked like, if I looked good to the others on the boat, or what bystanders may have seen; I wanted to cool down, and I did just that. I wanted to live solely in that moment, be that “Cool” dude on a hot summer.


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