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Aesthetic Experience – Aaron

For my Aesthetic experience I used baseball to experience both positive and negative aesthetic experiences and reflect on them. I focused only on batting because failing is much more common when being compared to playing defense.

A positive aesthetic experience is when a person goes through a situation that has no flaws or negative parts in their perception. In other words, for them, nothing goes wrong and they believe that nothing bad will happen in the future. They also have a comfortable amount of control over the situation.

A negative aesthetic experience is created when a person is scared of something bad happening. The main driver for a negative aesthetic experience is fear and lack of control. However, this is not your typical haunted house kind of fear (although it can be) it is the fear of something negative unfolding for that specific person. In my case, the fear of striking because I am facing a good pitcher can make the at bat a negative aesthetic experience.

As a player, I have a good amount of confidence when going up to bat. So every at bat I took, the experience was positive until something bad happened. If I finished off with a base hit or better the whole experience was positive and I feared nothing throughout. If I stuck out, I would become mad at myself and beat myself up. This can be linked to the fear of becoming a worse player than I actually am or the fear of losing my talent.

Now taking a different view of the situation, what if I was in a slump (playing bad) and I had lost a little hope. Well then in that case I would always maintain the fear of failing, and it would most likely happen. This lack of confidence and success will make every game played with it a negative aesthetic experience because the fear of failure and humiliation will always be there.

To conclude, My goal was to experience both positive and negative aesthetic experiences in a baseball game. I successfully did this and I believe that confidence plays a huge role in keeping the negative experiences away. Optimism goes a long way.


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